USB audio device - strange phone behavior

Hi! Recently got a Pioneer MVH-180UBG in my car and this car audio have very good function - music playback directly from phone via USB. It’s just works as external audio device, pluggable by USB. The problem is, when I’m connecting MX5(Flyme to it and trying to play a sound from some player, there’s no sound at all. Nor from phone, nor from Pioneer. Also volume adjustment for media is locked and after couple of minutes phone RAM get’s “filled” and there’s no way to free it back, only by restarting the phone.
The thing is, that Nexus 7 2013(Android 7.0.1) works just perfect. I plug in, turn on music and it plays. From every player, that I want.
Maybe someone has problem like that and have some solution? Thank you!

Meizu m3s

Sounds like software problem, you might want to contact the meizu or Flyme about issue. I found there is some setting about USB audio in the developer options, in settings

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