List of Meizu Scatter Files for SP Flash Tools
Meizu m3s

(unofficial) Scatter Files for Meizu phones, Use at own risk.

Right click and save as.

List includes

  • Meizu_M1_Note_MT6752_Android_scatter.txt
  • Meizu_M2_MT6735_Android_scatter.txt
  • Meizu_M2_Note_MT6753_Android_scatter.txt
  • Meizu_M3_&_M3s_MT6750_Android_scatter.txt
  • Meizu_M3_Note_MT6755_Android_scatter.txt (Untested)
  • Meizu_Note_6_MT6797T_Android_scatter.txt (Untested)

Comment below with for scatter file or with a link so i can add it to the list. If i got the wrong scatter file for the wrong device, tell me ASAP

For Flashing Newer Meizu M3 devices read here.

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Please can you post scatter for meizu pro 6.Thank you.

Meizu m3s

Update, never tested made out of scatter data, some info maybe wrong, try not to flash preloader.

does it not need auth file

Help- Meizu m2 mini (international version) goes constant bootloop with meizu logo and little vibration…Only fastboot is working… Please help me how to solve

Please tell me where can I download the Scatter file for the Meizu M3 Max S685H .
Smartphone constantly reboots on the splash screen Meizu . Using recovery to flash it is impossible , there is a yellow triangle.
Thanks in advance , have a Good Day!!!

Meizu m3s

The m3 max is using the same chip as the m3 note, (use the scatter for m3 note), but without a proper auth file you will not be able to flash anything.

May God Give You Health !!!
I understand that you ispolovat scatter file for meizu m3 note.but we need the Ident.
Where can I change or insert Ident . HOW DO I PROCEED.?

Sorry maybe it’s lost in translation . But how to understand "without the proper file Ident"
What steps do I need to perform if I downloaded a file which is Meizu m3 note.what do I need to do or change in the firmware ???

Meizu m3s

Read here

Download the firmware for your device.
Extract, use the files in the zip to flash.

I suggest you to give me more information about how you bricked your m3 max.

The phone tried to flash but no experience . And now it constantly reboots . In recovery you can go . But he never sews any firmware via recovery. A friend who understands says that it can be restored only through Flash tool but I need scatter file .
That’s how it is.
Thanks for your help

please give me a number your Qiwi wallet

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