Switch SIM1/SIM2 ?

Hi all,

I have a problem, for some reason my SIM works only on the SIM2 socket and not on the SIM1. It’s a 4g T-Mobile SIM.
Is there any software way I could switch between SIM1 and SIM2 so that SIM2 is the 4G one?


Meizu m3s

I remember that you have to change sim 1 to 2g and sim 2 to 4g because you can only allow to set one for 3g. Used dual sim in the past, but not with meizu phones. In the settings there should be a SIMs and networks tab, (reference from flyme 5). Have you tried using only one sim on SIM1, might be hardware problem.

Thanks for your response!
I have only one SIM right now connected to SIM2, I tried connecting it to SIM1 but it won’t discover it from SIM1 socket. It’s like stuck on 2G only since it’s on SIM2.
I would be happy to hear if there’s a way to change that setting or override it somehow.

Meizu m3s

Never used a Meizu m1 note, but for my meizu m3 i am able to change change these setting in the setting on the phone.
For me i have a network mode setting, with the options of 2G only, 3G first, 4G first.

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