Cannot install apps (Security check)

I just updated my flyme and after that I have to factory reset because the google play services didn’t work which I highly suspected because of the firmware update. Soon after that I tried downloading my applications again but only some of it can be install. Funny thing is that downloading apps from the app store (the one that comes with the updated firmware) and downloading from the internet cannot be install while play store works just fine. someone pls help me


Turn of your WiFi during the installation. Usually this should disable the scan.

Meizu m3s

Do you get the install button and then after pressing you get ‘installation failed’ or some other message? Or do you not even get the install button when you install apk

Meizu m3s

Which ver. firmware are you using,
and in settings -> Fingerprint and security -> Unknown sources, turn it on.
If nothing works you should just downgrade your firmware to something that works in the past. If that does not work either, it’s hardware issue.

Install Lucky Patcher. Then Rebuild & Instal option. Before that you have to do root ⚠.

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