Turns itself off

hi friends, happens to me that the phone is switched off with the 6-7% of battery! Is this normal?

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Of course it’s normal. Flyme OS shuts your phone down if you don’t have enough battery. Also, it notifies every time your battery goes under 10% and warns that your phone might shut off unless you plug it into a charger. Just try to keep your phone charged! :)

OK thank you!

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Yes, as samanen says, it is normal…but i 've seen up to 3% battery before i put it on the to charger. When i see the message, i decrease the brightness.

6-7% sounds a little extreme :)


Yeah sometimes I am able to stay to like 3 % as well if I turn down brightness and so on, but for the first time ever it shat down at 7%… Dont know if it’s a matter of battery calibration or something.

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Its very random and one of the dumbest cona of flyme. I see 1% all the time.

4.0.4a dies at 9%. Happen 3 times todau

Why cant we just set the level to shut down? Maybe i wanna use it until 2%?


I actually think it is due to a miss calibrated battery. My MX3 goes to 3%. Otherwise it could be meant as some sort of protection to not fully uncharge the battery and so damage any cells with it.

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