Meizu M2 Stuck at bootloop on meizu logo,no recovery only can acces fastboot.

Hi guys i have a problem with my m2 i tried to install miui on our phone but i failed on recovery state saddly. the only one thing I can access is fastboot.
Note:I have unlocked my bootloader

After I flash the recovery twrp 2.7… i didnt reboot phone to flyme again after that i flashed the newer one twrp 3… and now here we goes bootloop !!!

I need an recovery file stock one . Cant find it anywhere. Could someone help me ?

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Meizu m3s

since you have an unlocked bootloader

i suggest you to flash a the recovery.img from the

Downloaded latest m2 firmware

cd /to/right/folder/
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Thank you so much. The main problem now is that i have no drivers installed on my computer for phone. And it didnt recognising it. What could I do at this point can u help me ?

Also I noticed there are no recovery files in updates from meizu :/

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Meizu m3s

IF it didn’t recognised suggest you to use a different cable or computer

For the drivers i like to use pdanet,
you can get it a guide here
download link here

Didn’t believe my eyes that it didn’t have a recovery in there XD

I researched to find any images for this device but could not find any.

The there is a method that might be worth a try, allow me to prepare some files for SP Flash Tools.

Well thank u so much I managed out to install the drivers I have found an file at russian site with recovery in it its 19.4 mb but when i tried to push the flash via adb it says that it failed .

Edit:I tried to flash it again and it works. After all when i m trying to access recovery it apears for 1 or 2 seconds then phone is turning off.

Edit 2 : Guys I managed it out let it reboot some more times than turn it off.

Than started and recovery works. I will try to install a flyme.

edit 3 : every firmware checking corrupt :/ tried to clean user data. Phone starts ! now loading flyme logo <3

edit 4: It works flyme loded phone is working <3

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There is a link to recovery if someone needs.!TMl0BIYJ!xL849Fjctf2CNfUM09i2wdWi_J1k6er3qPBIHTcBzdc only recovery file. works after flashing via adb fastboot with unlocked bootloader.

@ork066 can u send the link of that russian site !

c:\users\onid>fastboot flash recovery c:\recovery.img
target reported max download size of 134217728 bytes
OKAY [ 1.983s]
writing ‘recovery’ . . .
FAILED <remote: download for partition ‘recovery’ is not allowed>
finished. total time: 1.999s

i follow the instruction but unfortunately ,
there is failed in writing the recovery.
what would be the possible solution for it?

btw from the above post ,
i didnt unlocked my bootloader :(

@Pangilinan-Dino said:

btw from the above post , i didnt unlocked my bootloader :(

 Because you cant recover phone with locked bootloader :( saddly you can only change your motherboard now 

please help send driver spflashtool and file scatter meizu m2 mini…

@sul_fadly here is a link to recovery and scatter!qJUiST6L!8E...  u can find flashtool anywhere on internet just type sp flash tool and here u go if u need anything else just pm or replay me 

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