Xiaomi mi5 or Huawei P9

Hello guys,

I am confused between those two. Mi 5 with perfect processor good fast charging and for me really bad design. On the other hand P9 with fantastic camera elegant design decent performance Kirin 955 (bad GPU i play games daily 20-30 mins) and nearly 100$ more expensive. My point is I really care how my phone look like and ( I am basically a Meizu fan but when you compare with both those phones Meizu does not provide me anything better on price and performance ) camera performance but I also do not want to be stupid to give 100$ more for lover processor… It is hell much tricky… Would you please Illuminate me.

PS:An old happy Mx5 user

Meizu m3s

OPPO F1s, but only with 720x1280. With good camera and the mt6750 octa core.

I don’t work for Oppo or Meizu, but i suggest you to open your eyes to the different brands out there. XD


Hi there,

I currently own the P9 as a daily driver, but haven’t had a moment with Mi5 yet. Had almost an year with the Mi Note, though.

I like both phones a lot, but P9 over the Mi Note because it’s got way less bugs and the camera is great. Therefore I didn’t buy the Mi5 over P9 just cause I value P9 already over the Mi Note. My choice would be to go for the P9.

Thank you all I bought today my p9 it changed my point of view for photography :) and no lte problems very fast matching on roaming. Easy going device. Beside lack of sp820 it’s really piece of jewel. I recommend.

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