Equalizer is not enabled by default

Hey guys i have a verry annyoing prolem with the musicFX eq. When i listen to musik on spotify app, i always have to reenable the eq by my self after songawitch or play/pause music. I there any solution for this?

Meizu MX4 Pro

Yeah, i have this issue since i got the Phone 😂😂 but ive got used to it Long time ago already. Meizu really sucks and this is the reason i sweared i wont buy any meizu device ever again. So many Buggy and unoptimized things which isnt unexpected if you release 20 phones a year because you will lose the overview about your oder devices. They are so dumb tho

i dont have problems with bugs and unoptimized things mate. I really enjoy my meizu mx4pro. Just this little thing is really annoying cus it takes away the good sound.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Erik666 which Version are you on? I tried nearly every Version and after a Day or so the play Store and every other Google app stops working! The only Version i dont have this issue is the where im on now

I use the latest version , i never had problems with any version so far. I always use the G Version

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