can't install google play on my meizu 3

Really really needs your help meizu profetionals.
I have meizu 3 and had a google play comes installed already when I bought it . by tribal mistake I delete it! And now I can’t install google play again ! I have a very important app that can operate only with google play.
I tried to install the google installer but unfortunately also can’t find it on the app store. Please help!

try downloading the latest play store app apk from the browser then problem solved

Thank you for your replay unfortunatly traid it and still… The same prob ;-(

Try this. I used it for myself and it worked well. Once everything is installed, the phone has to be restarted. Google Installer.apk?dl=0

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the same happen with me… i cant even install any thing, apps not compatible…

EDIT : Please use correct language

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Meizu m3s

Does updating firmware and clear user data help?

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