Need help with Fast Boot mode

About the phone:
Meizu m3 Note 16 GB, I don’t’ know if it’s L or M, it was brought in China this spring.
I was using the latest G version firmware, everything was working great.

A couple of days ago my phone’s battery died after I charged it and turned the phone ON the Meizu logo appears and a dark screen after that, nothing else. Flyme is not loading.
I have tried all the key combinations. Only after pressing the Power + Volume Down the phone starts in the FastBoot mode.
In this case, my PC can recognise the device as a Meizu M3N, but I have no access to data or SDcard. I almost can do nothing with it.
I had installed ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and this soft can see the phone but i don’t know what else I can do.

I suppose that if the Phone is recognised by PC and it can run this boot mode, probably there is a way to restart (recover, reboot) it somehow.

I would be very grateful for any help.

P.s I’m quite a noob in such kind of things so may I ask you for detailed answers. Thx !

Meizu m3s

I believe your only solution is to get a replacement.
Meizu bootloader is locked therefore fastboot will not provide any recovery options.
Your phone is hard bricked.
I would not suggest you try sp flash tool, as it sounds like hardware problem not software, unless it was updating and your phone battery died.

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