flyme 6

meizu m2 will get flyme 6 on last december


Most likely not. Flyme 6 will be based upon Nougat, which requires advanced GPU performance.
GPU performance the m2 nor the m2 note have. I could be wrong, but as of now the chances do not look good for this specific chipset to get any higher than Android 6.

@Møhån-Råj yes it is, Flyme 6 for m1 note , m2 , m2 note , MX4 , mX4 pro and pro 5 based on android Lollipop…

Meizu m2

I thought it will be based on marshmallow.

Meizu Pro 5

@Adarsh-M it finally won’t

Meizu Pro 5

@Crackito90 no : 5.1

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