Problem with flyme account after changin ID from chinese MX4 Pro to international

Hello everybody
I followed this guide [GUIDE] Transform your chinese MX4 Pro into International
I want to thank all those people who found and shared this tutorial.
Now I have an MX4 Pro almost perfectly transformed in an international one.
I said almost perfectly because now I have a problem with the flyme account. Initially the phone, sold as new on a internet shop, had flyme os version on it. I created a new flyme account, logged in with it and rooted the phone. Then I changed the ID of the phone with this tutorial and all went well. Next step, I changed the firmware to version successfully, erasing all data in the process.
BUT when I tried to login to the flyme account with the credentials that I had just created, the phone said that it was already connected with another flyme account.
So can I suppose that I have a phone with something like a cloned IMEI and that flyme accounts are not linked only to the IMEI or the serial number but also the “machine_type” variable? Or maybe the flyme system somehow sees that I am still logged in (since I didn’t log out before changing the ID and upgrading the firmware) and now it sees me as a different user?
What do you think about it?
BTW, I have not yet tried the restore the original ID and fimware because this phone is now my wife’s one and she barely let me touch it…


Actually there should be no issue with the IMEIs. According to my knowledge the guide does not interferes with them.
Maybe a different question - do you really need the Flyme account? On the Global firmwares it is pretty much useless as rooting can be done with apps like Kingroot instead.

Thank you for answering.
Well, I don’t care much about the flyme account. I just was wondering why a phone sold as new can be seen from the flyme system linked to another flyme account after changing from an A firmware to a G one. And what really worry me,from a privacy point of view, is it safe that my phone is linked to a flyme account that is not mine? Is it possible to safely remove all services linked to the flyme account?

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You need to go on chinese flyme website, login there with your first flyme account and under phone phinder section there should be a option to “disconnect” your flyme account with that phone. After that you should be able to login with your new flymeaccout

Well, probably I was not clear enough in my previous messages. So I add some more datails.

  1. The account that I created with the A firmware is the same one that I tried to log in with after I changed the ID of the phone and updated the phone to the G firmware.
  2. The phone says that it is already connected to another account whose login ID is different from mine.
  3. Anyway, I have already tried to login to the flyme website and successfully disconnected the phone from my account, but the phone still says that it is connected to another flyme account, unrelated to mine.

Any more suggestions? Am I really the only one in this forum to have this kind of problem with the flyme account after changing the ID of the phone?
BTW, the seller said that probably one of their technician forgot to logout after checking the phone and suggested to upgrade the firmware to an A version but I really need a G version (my wife needs Italian… ).

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