WhatsApp notifications doesnot works

Hi . I need your support . I just bought a new MX 6 . Unfortunately I cannot receive the notification by whatsup . I activated all the switches to get the notification but I did not solved the problem. I noted that when the telephone remains y in stand by for some time (5 miutrs ) with both WiFi and Mobil data the notificationd do not arrive .
Do you have some suggestions ?


It is a firmware issue and cannot be fixed so easily (no one made serious efforts to do so in the past year).
Stay tuned for Flyme 6 maybe.

Try going to “Security -> Power -> click on settings (little gear on top right) -> disable the cut apps awaken… option”.

I have just tried that and it seems to be working at least for WhatsApp (but not Gmail apparently).

And yes, this whole Flyme thing needs some serious working on.
I am sorry for buying Meizu.

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