Connection problems

I have a pair little issues with my Meizu M3 Note. (European model)
#1. I can’t get a stable (or sometimes can’t even get) 3G or 4G connection in the town, where i could get 3G and 4G with a really bad phone. Maybe anyone has any ideas about this problem? :? :? :?

#2. I can’t get a stable connection to a bluetooth speaker (Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 ). I connect to the speaker but the connection isn’t strong even if the phone’s right next to it. The sound just stutters, looses quality. Maybe anyone knows any fix to this weird issue ? :? :? :?

Thank you for those who read this post and maybe help me :)

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Firmware version : (Shows that it’s latest)

And how do I do the APN verify ? :) (I don’t know that :? )

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