Meizu m1 metal

Hello, I managed to root m1 metal with kingroot 4.85. If the phone reboots then the root is gone but before boot you can deactivate the chinese bloatware… When the root is performing it will stop at 55-58% and the msg says that the root has failed. But the truth is that the root have succeded. If you download an app for checking rooted phones, it will write you that you are rooted. I tried to install super su but it can’t make the update. But it is fine for me because with the kingroot I managed to freeze the apps that I didn’t want…


The m1 metal can be rooted over the normal Settings in newer firmwares. Just log into your Flyme account and the option will appear under Fingerprint and security.

Meizu m1 metal

I am using Flyme - YunOS:3.1.6.
There is no way to be rooted like the way you write.

I second that, no root option available. At least no root option under the Fingerprint and security

Meizu Pro 6

@avadon Fingerprint and security, then root permission, then scroll down press accept and then ok.

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