MEIZU Router Pro 5G stream problem

We need to stream live screen from IP output with QAM modulator via coax to TVset, I use h.264 encoding (1080p@60 resolution) and QAM 256 modulation. We tried it with MEIZU Router Pro 5G gives 1080i maximum - If I set higher resolution, frame-rate drops and screen goes black. Why? Did anyone have similar experience with MEIZU Router Pro 5G?
Any suggestions/recommendations much appreciated.


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I am moving this to the accessoires section.

First of all, I am not familiar with Meizu routers, however I do understand something of network technology.

  1. Did you verified that the router is using the latest firmware?
  2. Are there any “streaming” settings within the routers interface, e.g. like TP-Links “bandwith control” or “IPTV” support.
  3. What I actually wonder about - why connect such expensive hardware to a cheap router like the Pro 5G? In my opinion you would be way more comfortable with a Linksys WRT3200ACM or Linksys EA9500, just to name two options. I am well aware that money doesn’t goes on trees, but if you ask me you shouldn’t safe on the wrong end.

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