Flyme OS daily (MX6)
Meizu Pro 5

Untouched archive, untested so use at your own risk

Not final, only beta

  • daily build
    probably same problems than PRO5
    – Not international but has english
    – Many chinese apps
    – Some untranslated strings
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How do I have to do to install it? like a normal way?

This is died… noneone answers… It says firmware corrupted…

Very goodstrikethrough text

@thanhdat769 could you be able to install it?

Hey, you have 3 solutions :

  1. do all the things step by step by unlocking your boot loader, rooting the phone, flashing TWRP (maybe also changing ID…) and then flashing the firmware…

  2. wait for a release with “no imei check”

  3. go to the meizu pro 5 tab on this forum and follow my tutorial for the but instead do it with the version you’re willing to install (which is probably the for mx6)…

If you’re lucky it could work with this firmware and your device… Anyway if you choose the option 2 and don’t want to go for the first option then, I guess you’ll have to follow my tuto anyway 😜

Oh, option 4) wait for the official stable release scheduled for less than 15 days.

I hope I answered correctly too aaaalll you questions.
You’re welcome. :smiley_cat:

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Meizu Pro 5

@DarkLinkTP said in Flyme OS daily (MX6):

  1. wait for a release with “no imei check”

No need, it’s so simple to extract/edit/replace the file in => \META-INF\com\google\android\

And remove text

package_extract_file(“META-INF/machine_match”, “/tmp/machine_match”);
set_perm(0, 0, 0755, “/tmp/machine_match”);
package_extract_file(“META-INF/imei.dat”, “/tmp/imei.dat”);
if (run_program("/tmp/machine_match", “/tmp/imei.dat”) != “0”) then
ui_print(“machine not match”);

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Thanks a lot for both of you… I would go for option 2 but Im afraid to brick my phone… I have not read anyone who could install the ROM doing that tuto…and flashing a ROm always is dangerous…

Could you extract it and introduce my imei ? Or could you guide me how to do it?

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Could you extract it and introduce my imei ? Or could you guide me how to do it?

I’m afraid this can’t be done. Only Meizu knows the database structure and the way to add IMEIs

And the method you mentioned before? Is it possible to do it? It’s what I meant… Could you do it and share the result? Or could you guide me how to do it?

@negrito i did that on my Pro 5 with his guide and driver Worked without problems

Meizu Pro 5

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