Flyme OS daily (MX5)
Meizu Pro 5

Untouched archive, untested so use at your own risk

Not final, only beta

  • daily build
    probably same problems than PRO5
    – Not international but has english
    – Many chinese apps
    – Some untranslated strings
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hi, why it gives me firmware corrupt? or how to fix this?😀

Meizu Pro 5

As i said: untested
What is your current build ? Your device is G or A ?

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Meizu Pro 5

checked the uploaded file, and it’s fine. I have no clue yet… try download again
If confirmed archive is broken, then i will remove the thread

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hey if you found this firmware for mx4pro pleaaw kindly mention me, and I’m pretty sure it says firmware currupted because this ROM is in Closed beta just working foe registered IMEI’s …

Meizu Pro 5

@soranerr0r Not that simple :

  • When in recovery mode, your device is offline, so no IMEI check can be done before first start…
  • Flashed the one for pro5 without being registered… and all is OK

@Kikounet95 yes maybe ! does it support OTA update? , please mention me if u got flyme 6 for mx4pro… thanks

Can i upgrade safely? My MX5 latest A firmware current.

Meizu Pro 5

@zawkokohtut untested…

Firmwear corupted.Fail upgrade mx5, A version.

Me too “Firmware corupted. Fail upgrade” mx5 5.1.11.OG

“Firmware corupted”, too

Meizu Pro 5

@CROnino224 Got it from Meizu forum, where link were leaked.

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