Flyme OS daily (Pro 5)
Meizu Pro 5

Removed recovery and bootloader to avoid overwrite yours…
Not final, only beta

  • daily build
    – Not international but has english
    – Many chinese apps
    – Some untranslated strings


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@Kikounet95 everyone can flash ? Can you give us Flyme 6 for mx4pro

Meizu Pro 5

@soranerr0r this can be flash as any other firmware… Only drawback is it only works with PRO 5… Sorry

@Kikounet95 thanks bro 🌹🌺

I tried to install it but it says firmware corrupt

I think you have to start from tha last A beta, then try to install it.
In the end it is just an incremental update as android version and baseband don’t change!

@stradfred Confirmed existing device will not change android version and baseband.
So MX5/Pro5 will stay on 5.1 - Pro6/MX6 will stay on 6.0

Meizu Pro 5

@soranerr0r @Damiano22
Are your devices same as mine : twrp at least? Are you applying upgrade from recovery or directly from the OS?

@Kikounet95 Tried with this configuration:

  • starting from last stable A/G
  • starting from last beta A
  • phone without sim/wifi
    even from recovery - but always firmware corrupt.
    Maybe there’s a check on serial number
Meizu Pro 5

@maxant69 TWRP installed or official recovery ?
It may have a serial check… But I probably don’t have all the requirements (ID changed, not official beta tester)… I also highly doubt the serial check is part of the archive. It would never works with my device

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Same issue in Romania.Also, I cannot apply for beta. Error ar the phone number.

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Meizu Pro 5

@Kikounet95 I won’t unlock bootlader for now. I will wait mid december when as a beta G tester I will receive Flyme G Beta

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