Questions about update with rooted phone A-Firmware & Multilanguage


I have a rooted Meizu Pro 5 ( with multilanguage from this tutorial:

I’m thinking about installing a new firmware because I noticed some issues (see below) with the current firmware.

I’m not 100% sure doing the right steps. To get sure, I write below the steps. Please correct me if something is wrong.

1.) do a backup (TitaniumBackup).
2.) a) download the firmware (for example and put in on my device and start the update.
2b) Start the update recommended @ settings --> About Phone --> System Updates.

  1. question: Is there a difference if I start the update from the settings (step 2b) or download first (2a)?
  2. question: If I put a new firmware on my device, do I lose the multilanguage?

One issue that disturb me alot is the fact, that my contacts are not shown right. I sync my contacts with the apk CardDAV-Sync. When somebody from my contacts call me, my device just shows the number, not the name. Like someone is calling who is not in my contacts. Other issue: When I use the search function in contacts, the search doesn’t find the contact. By scrolling down, I find every contact in my contactlist. I’ve tried to solve the issue by reinstalling the apk or the account with no success.

I hope - by putting a new firmware on my device - that this issue will disappear.

Thanks for help! :-)

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Meizu Pro 5

@baldmarci Some quick answers :
-Step 2b won’t probably work as not allow builds have functional “over the air”
-“A” builds are not multilingual (only English +Chinese). This is the main difference with difference “G” ones. Anyway you can apply a workaround with a tool called “morelocale2” to force additional language when available in applications
-“A” build won’t solve your contact issues in my opinion. Plus it doesn’t have native Google services installed… You have to do it manually

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I have some problem by manual solve.

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