Scatter Files for Meizu M3 note

Hello everyone, I 'm new here and I juste bought, few days ago, my first Meizu phone ( M3 note), on the chinese market by internet , but after the Update 5.11.0 A, the phone enter in bootloop , and it’s impossible to go to recovery mode with it (power + vol plus don’t work), that why I need to have the scatter files, because I want to recover it with Flash tool. I saw other people on internet who have this problem on their M3 note (and they don’t resolve it), and if I resolve it , I promesse you , I will do a tutorial , but I juste need the scatter files to do it !
I’m very happy to be in the Meizu community now, before the brick I fall in love of my phone , and I 'm very sad of this bug .

Thanks by advance for your helps.

PS: sorry for the grammatical mistakes , I’m not english

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