Meizu MX5 Flyme google play problem

Hello. I bought today a Meizu Mx5 and I erase all datas from it ( factory reset ). After that I realised I made a mistake because I got his initial soft without google play. I entered appstore and download google play services - install google play - but when I try to install from google play I got error code 924 ( I read on internet and entered Apps - Google Play - erase cache and data and same problem, I don’t have option to uninstall updates ).
What should I do to make google play works? Maybe you can help me with the best soft for Meizu Mx5 and how to install it to make Google Play work.
Now I have Flyme


Did you tried to use the Google Installer, usually it will take care of everything.
If you did so clear data of Play Store and Play Services.

Did that but same problem: Waiting for network and is not downloading. I installed an older version of Google Services / Google Play and now I can download aplication but only with wi-fi, not with data. What should I try?

Some smartphones default settings is prohibited to download applications via the mobile data. In order to disable it, follow these steps.

Go to the smartphone “Settings” , tab "Apps - All"
Within the tab "Download Manager"
Once you have entered the “Download Manager”, you need to clean the data download by clicking the “Clear data”

Then go to the Google Play Store, and start downloading the necessary applications.
If the application still does not load and is in standby mode, open the “Notification Panel” and click the download icon (with an arrow) and to allow the download through mobile data.

It’s ok now. Thank you very much. What Flyme do you reccomand for Meizu MX5 ( maybe with Romanian language installed )? Best regards

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