Native Keyboard

Hallo, I was uninstalling the native Keyboard and reinstalled TouchPal from the Play Store later again. But now I got so much advertisements.
Is there a way to get the native Keyboard back without resetting my Phone completely?

@Wolf You can simply flash once again the rom without doing any clear cache, just an upgrade and all should be fixed.

I’ll try this but I already did that.
I flashed the newest version after uninstalling TouchPal and the Problem was I got a completely different Keyboard without the meizu white theme.

I already tryed that… I just downgraded to the previous version.
This is my native keyboard at the moment:
But when I first installed my device I got another keyboard!?
alt text

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@Wolf Your previous keyboard might be another one installed by your reseller.
If you have flashed the rom the native keyboard is the one that you have by default …
Just use another alternative like SwiftKey who’s still the best one

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