Sound Problem

Hi, I got the Meizu Pro 5 with flyme
When I am listening to Music with Headphones and go to the Homescreen, the music comes from the Speaker. As soon as I open an App it swiches to Headphones again.
Previously I had this problem too and it worked with another version.
(I had the Chinese version before)
Any suggestions but downgrading my phone to an older version?

Meizu Pro 5

@Wolf Did you try another music player?

Yes, I tryed an other music player and Skype such as any other form of sound 😐

Had the same problem. Do you use any launcher? The problem solved itself when I installed ZenUI launcher.

I had the Nova Launcher installed and I think it was the reason for my issue.
Now I got the newest version of flyme but still ONLY in the “google” App this problem appears. Anywhere else it’s gone.

Yes, same thing here. Removing Nova solved my problems, except when I open Google app, that seems to mess with sound output also.

I wonder if the previous version got these Problems too because the sound worked with Nova Launcher on the previous version… Didn’t try out the Google App there. I’ll test that probably.

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