How to bypass Meizu m2 lockscreen??

Hello everyone

I recently dropped my Meizu a few times, causing the screen to crack and not function properly
The section where the final digit for my password is located doesn’t work which means I cannot access my phone.
I haven’t done a backup yet so a hard-reset isn’t an option for me

Is there anything else I can try or should I just order a new screen?

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Go ahead and get a new screen. For me there is no known way how to get pass it. Maybe you can try and boot into the recovery and enter the PIN there (maybe the numbers are outside of the cracked/broken area there). But then you may only do a hard reset (all apps will be ereased, but not your data).

You can buy a new screen or you can have a Mouse over OTG and work with it while you wait for the screen.
That’s what i have done when my digitizer stop working.

Hope this help you…

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