SAR of 1.49 for the MX4

More than 1.49: isn’t the MX4’s SAR results dangerous ?

Meizu france just answered about it

Are those measurements accurate enough?

Meizu France will soon post their own results


Usually phones sold in the EU (Meizu is sold here, so…) have to comply with the EU norms and laws. Even if your value is right, it is nothing you need to be worried about, because that level of radiation is very low.

The EU allows a max. value of 2.

However, this means that if you put your phone next to your head, e.g. calling someone.

Thats why it is unhealthy to charge you phone under your pillow (radiation is lower then anyway ~ 0,5 SAR maybe). So always put it somewhere else.

I am not sure sar is so much high.
In the attachement are the sar values for mx4 m461 version here in europe. If i am not wrong is from italian meizu site:

If I am not mistaken in China they accepted lvls of SAR is

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