flyme code locked after upgrading

after I upgraded my meizu mx4 pro with a stable version 5.1.10 phone is locked
and it asks for a code to unlock
user: 187****1725
it does not do anything without unlocking it.only can connect to Wi-Fi.i can not upgrade it again and it is not going to recovery mode.what can I do?


Your device belongs to someone else it seems. Contact the seller to remove the lock, he is the only one able to get the code.

@Rey i did must have been custom international filmware that is why it had been locked.luckily without wifi connection i put an 8 or 12 digit random code and it was unlocked.then i upgraded it with stable international filmware.Thanks for your reply.the phone was brand new and it was made 2 times factory default and them it was for sure without lock by anyone.

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