Need help! Button touch and fingerprint.

Hello I have problem with home button on my Meizu MX5 since today’s morning.
In the beggining fingerprint respond after two or meybe three tries. Then I restart phone and fingerprint stopped work completely. Back button [tap/touch] do exactly the same. Only thing what works on homebutton is a press feature. It brings me “home” at all tries.
I know it can be just hardware problem I have that phone about one year. But when I try to go to fingerprint settings… weird things happened. I can’t add fingerprint but I can type shit into that beautiful type boxes :D … its amazing … so I think it can be just software problem.
Do anyone had similar problem or know some solution?

Thank you for any response and BTW. sry for my awesome English skill… :D
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btw… reinstalling to lower system version and back did not helped. Only thing what I can try is reinstall with data wipe.

I have the same problem… For a couple of days, the home button stopped working, as I had some upgrade problems. Do anybody have any solution?


I have the same problem… started few days ago …home button stopped working (i.e. soft touch - back function).
I updated to latest firmware but no improvement.

Tried the factory reset, but didn’t solve the problem… :(

Strange thing happened… I did not make any upgrades, but used soft touch function on the screen as replacement … and soft touch on home button after 14 days started to work again… just the way stopped at first time… now what is problem here: software or hardware? Somewhere I red that if this happens once it will be again soon … I need answer what to do!

@Branislav-Trifunovic I had the same problem too. I ordered a physical button from aliexpres but i can't open the screen because the screws are stuck. I had the phone for a year when the problem showed up. And couldn't send it back because i had only one year guarantee. It was a nice phone but all these problems made to order xiaomi redmi note 4x. Never buying meizu again. 

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@Lostre12 i had the same problem so im using on Screen buttons (enabled in the build.prop file). Today the button has suddenly come back to Life again 

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Back soft button still working - like nothing happened, but for percussion I ordered new button from Ali express since it takes time to arrive (3-4 weeks)and is not too much expensive (cca 9 EUR) … I see it is selling a lot so I believe it is common to be replaced after some time …

And again it stopped working … without any reason and software changes… hopefully the new part will soon come and willl replace the old one!Until then I will have to use soft smart button. My suggestion to all of you, the minute you get this problem, order new part…

Ok, I got today spare part, but did not want to replace byyself.I went to local servise, and I am warned that if I replace button with new one, I will not have fingerprint recognition possibility anymore since processor and button chip are somehow connected. Back option as soft touch will work. Anyone have expirince about this?

This is a happy tour for me to read on this post. After reading the whole post, we can get solutions to deal with the trouble quickly and safely. Thanks for your nice sharing.


So my friend did you install the new button? Did it solved the problem? Sending this from my new redmi note 4x. My meizu is getting dusty in my drawer 


Hello! Yes I replaced and it works as new - problem fixed! Also fingerprint security option works!

I recommend you to make this repair!

@Branislav-Trifunovic oh that's great man! Maybe I'll try to replace it myself with a new one! I already have the new button at home but the screws on the phone are stucked! 

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