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  • Need help! Button touch and fingerprint.

    Hello I have problem with home button on my Meizu MX5 since today’s morning.
    In the beggining fingerprint respond after two or meybe three tries. Then I restart phone and fingerprint stopped work completely. Back button [tap/touch] do exactly the same. Only thing what works on homebutton is a press feature. It brings me “home” at all tries.
    I know it can be just hardware problem I have that phone about one year. But when I try to go to fingerprint settings… weird things happened. I can’t add fingerprint but I can type shit into that beautiful type boxes :D … its amazing … so I think it can be just software problem.
    Do anyone had similar problem or know some solution?

    Thank you for any response and BTW. sry for my awesome English skill… :D
    4_1479740691168_S61121-154818.jpg 3_1479740691168_S61121-154814.jpg 2_1479740691167_S61121-154812.jpg 1_1479740691167_S61121-154804.jpg 0_1479740691166_S61121-154728.jpg

  • btw… reinstalling to lower system version and back did not helped. Only thing what I can try is reinstall with data wipe.

  • Hi,
    I have the same problem… For a couple of days, the home button stopped working, as I had some upgrade problems. Do anybody have any solution?


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