Experiences of using Version A ?

Hello people,
Recently I imported a Chinese version of the Meizu M3 Note from Gearbest.com and did not know that there were 2 versions (Intl and Chinese).

What I would like to know is the native APPs are well translated into other languages? The Weather App for example on the home screen (English, Portuguese), Is it possible to install the Google Play Store by the default system?

I ask that, because I saw several videos on Youtube about the device in different languages ​​and it was not very clear if the systems (even Chinese) is well translated (sometimes a saw the Wheather em Chinese lenguage. Or if it would be better to use the method of the international ROM?

And finally, what would be the advantages of each version of ROM above the other (A or G)?

Many Thanks!!


I am using the A firmware since my first Meizu device. Basically there is no real difference, except that some apps are in Chinese and that since Flyme 5 you can only choose between English or Chinese. However, you can bypass this “issue” by rooting your device and using morelocale2.

Play Services have to be installed over the Google Installer, it is just a single click and doesn’t requires any other work.

For a full comparison check this maybe:

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The main difference are the multi lang wich is supported “only” on the G and also all chinese apps are removed.
At this point you can easily install all google services by going into the meizu app store and searching for “google installer” must be the first one.
Install it and enjoy the play store.
All app that you will install through play store will have the language of your location in this case Portugal so it’s a perfect translation.
Only the system will be in English/Portuguese depending on the rom and the translation may have some errors , aproximation etc so it’s not a perfect one but not a bad one either. It also depend of the regions some language are better translated than other.

A update come usually faster than the G
Except that is a matter of preference for me i find the A better in every way than G and there are who think the complete opposite.
It’s up to you to find your preference

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