Meizu MX5 bricked

Hi! I bricked my MX5, I don’t know if its soft-bricked or hard one. I can’t even go to fastboot and recovery mode.
When I connect it to PC, it keep connect and disconnect when I’m pushing the buttons (the sound when you connect pendrive to PC, keep on and off).

I bricked it when I tried to update my firmware to the latest one with clear data. Can somebody help? Thank you!

@BloodyRitual Search for Spflash tool on the forum and you will find many thread related to bricked devices it may help you to start somewhere :(

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Thanks for your reply!
I already spent 5 hours to find solutions… I couldn’t find proper scatter file to try out Smart Phone Flash Tool too. I’m so desperate. :(

@BloodyRitual Do you see a storage device when you plug it on your pc ?
If yes according from some post people have managed to install it again by putting the first rom that was installed on the phone and when the phone power down and up next time it will automaticly try to install it again …

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@Vympel The phone couldn’t connect to the PC, so I can’t see a storage device. But I keep trying I suppose. Thanks anyway!

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