Im brick my MX4

Hi guys, sorry for my english, im brazilian boy.
Im brick my MX4 when i tried to install CM13, no bootloader, loop black screen, no logo, no letters. HELP!!!


@oncebravos try to connect the device to your PC and see if it gives any signals.
If yes, you could try to recover over SP Flashtools.

@Rey I connected my device to the PC, nothing appears on the phone screen, and on the computer it appears and disappears, connect and disconnect all the time. What can I do to arrange the device? Is there any tutorial to use the SP Flashtools? I’m desperate!


Hard to tell what to do next. Best would be to get a new mainboard, but your data is most likely to be lost then. On the other hand check this first:

@Rey help please, never solutions is effective.

@Rey Is there any other solution to my problem?
I’m desperate, the phone is expensive and I destroy it by an oversight.

Meizu m2

@oncebravos we all love our phone no matter it is expensive or inexpensive .
Dont do anything by yourself .
Go find nearest meizu service center.

Meizu m3s

@jiteshpoojary sadly not everyone is near a meizu service center. And most of the service that meizu center provided is useless and time wasting. Even the meizu phone line is terrible, as meizu didn’t provide enough methods to their phone line team to solve most of your problems.

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