Error in GSM installer

Today I updated my phone to the latest version . After updating the mobile I found that the play store is missing and I can’t even add my Google account to the mobile(i don’t even have a single contact now) . Then I tried factory restoring settings… I lost all the data’s on my mobile (I’m aware of this). Why the update is so sucking?? I felt like breaking the mobile… Regretting for buying this mobile… Help me to fix it… I can’t download any apps from the so called hot Apps


You are not alone with it. You are using the latest G firmware, right?
If yes, just downgrade. Flyme devs did a horrible job on it.

Guys such a bad firmware with GSM installer says file corrupted for Google Services. No luck and downgrade looks like a big process. So much for having the auto download update enabled. Going to report to Google on the force installation of HotApps and uninstallation of Google Play store by Meizu for the firmware upgrade. No more contacts and no more google services. Meizu should look in to it at the earliest and not ethical for making everyone mandated to use HotApps.

This is terrible. I managed to install the GSM installer, but the GSM will not load. I desperately need my gmail on my phone and cannot access it. How do I roll back to previous version and does anyone know the build number.

Such a bad update, me too I’ve lost my contacts and I badly need to use gmail on my mobile. I hope that meizu will fix this as soon as possible.

Same here on my Meizu MX4 PRO!

I did the factory reset and so called downgrade and still no luck. Terrible

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