Same issue

Re: Google Play disappear after firmware update? Search bar?

Same happened with me… What’s the the use of Android without Play Store. It asked me to install GMS when i tried to install it says Google Framework Corrupted. What shall i do now?

Same issue. I upgraded to Flyme 5.1.11.og Tell me how to rollback. This is major change you made. You can’t just call this a build update. Get real

Factory reset your device after installing the firmware. After performing factory reset go to hotapp and install GMS installer. After installing GMS installer there will be four other google services installed google framework, google services, google play store, google maps. You just have to install GMS installer and rest will be done by the GMS installer only. Be sure you are connected to WiFi or Data.

How to factory reset? Will I need to reinstall all my apps?

Go to storage and scroll down select factory reset. Then select wipe user data. Don’t select wipe internal storage. After wiping user data you will have to install all your apps. back-up your apps using app backup and restore by downloading apk from internet.

As they say in my language OY VEY. I think I will go to the Meizu store tomorrow and they can do it. This is terrible. What if I can’t reinstall as some other people have had the problem.
Are you from Meizu or are you independent, and offering your help?

@ADB m independent user… Just helping out other meizu users.

Thanks so much. This is a major “Screw-up” on their part. Wow

@ADB they are trying to copy Apple Inc. just using GMS installer as a security measure. Don’t worry you can install your apps again after resetting the device. BTW u r from which country?

Do i download the apk from the internet onto my phone? then backup my apps?

@ADB just download app back and restore apk from internet and open it. Thenafter select all your apps in the app back up and restore menu. Click on backup and your apps will be backed up. For installing all your apps again go to internal storage and click on app backup restore folder click on archived and install apps according to your choice.

I don’t want to sound like a dodo, but… how do i get to internal storage? Can I use the backup and restore function that is on Meizu?
I downloaded the app back and restore from the internet. It said download and I selected all, and it downloaded it. Then there is the send button which I pressed and the app hung. Where will it store the backed-up files and apps?

@ADB check this link you will understand how app back up and restore works. After backing up the apks are saved in a folder named app backup restore on your internal storage. Just open file manager click on internal storage next folder after android will be app back up restore.
I am here to help people so even if u sound like dodo it’s ok buddy. It happens with everybody. I was also noob previously.

Thanks, i did everything and now have the playstore back.
However still cannot access my gmail, and now can’t find where to install the GMS. Will try again in the morning.
thanks for your help and patience so far.

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