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I have just purchased my Pro5 from gearbest about 2 months ago. It come with firmware installed. Since the rom is already in G, I assumed that the phone already has international rom and someone has switched it from chinese version to global version.

Two weeks my phone received new in-app notification to update to most recently firmware. It so weird because the firmware version is lower 5.1.11G. I don’t what the difference between the two. I assume since this is coming from Meizu, 5.1.11.G is more legit.

I tried to apply the update, but it give me a “firmware corrupt” message and refuse to update the phone. The phone reboot fine, but The notification never went away. It is annoyingly appear on my pull down bar all the time.

How can I downgrade to the most stable ? Should I just use method 2 listed in this article ?

Thanks in advance for the help

Meizu Pro 5

@leonyeh8 your phone probably have been modded since 5.2 is only available for PRO 6…
Plus, as you have the firmware corrupted message, we can conclude it’s a Chinese one (A type) and not an international one (G type)
Finally you have found one solution to update your phone with the link you provided, another would have been to change your device ID…

@Kikounet95 Thank you so much for your info. It is so clear and detailed. I am sure it will save hours fumbling fixing the problem.

As I understand this, my phone is still A type device, and I need to switch first to G device, before I can update the firmware to the stable version.

Can you tell me where can I find info regarding the script to switch the device ID. I tried to search but found script for other than Pro5. Can I use MX5 script for switch Pro5 device ?

Please advice, and thanks so much for your help.


Meizu Pro 5

@Kikounet95 I tried but this method only works for 5.1.3.A, mine is at 5.2.8G. I tried downgrade it but to 5.1.3.A by download and put it on the root.

Reboot it and it is downgrade to 5.1.3.A but then I lost SU access, IMEI disappeared, and ADB refused to connect. Things are getting complicated pretty quick :-)

Thanks for all your help. I may be dead in the water.

Meizu Pro 5

@leonyeh8 For root, you need to connect to your Meizu Account and re-enable the option,in settings
Adb can be restored by enabling Developers options in settings
For imei that’s surprising, it shouldn’t have been touch… I do hope it’s only a visual bug

Thanks, you were right, the IMEI disappearance is only cosmetic. Using ADB and tons of hours troubleshooting, I was able to get it working again, with the latest firmware installed.

Again, thanks so much ! Your help pointed me to the right direction.

Meizu Pro 5

@leonyeh8 you are welcome.

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I like you 😊 , I was in your position. What was wrong with the rom that phone come?
Do you had any issues? Before do something , read 1000 times. If there is nothing to read then wait , surely someone will have the problem. If you fix the problem , post here how do you fix it , after all this is the purpose of a forum , to share your experiences , for others to be a warning . I reapeat myself but remember is a Chinese phone , is a rare piece, meaning less interest , no custom roms, or few and you see that fingerprint not working or other crtical bad. For avrege useres although you must be insane to buy a meizu phone and be an average user make this moves carefully or better ask a friend, or someone who know better this stuff, and my recommendation, read what that update do, and if that update don’t bring a big plus you can skip it because is possible to make more problems than bug fixes.

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