Several problems (battery, home button, camera)

_Always the same pattern since a week : when my battery reaches about 35% it suddenly drains to 14 % in 5 minutes, and then discharges normally. I tried to calibrate the battery but it didn’t change anything.
_Home button doesn’t always work : when I press the ‘‘right side’’ of the buton it never works, but when I press the ‘‘left side’’ it genereally works. It’s not a firmware problem, I guess, because upgrading didn’t solve the problem.
_About 6 months ago, 2 little black points appeared on my photographes when I took pictures with the back camera : they disappeared for 1 or 2 days and then reappeared ; they never went away since. No scratch on the lens but it seems that there are some particules inside it.

Does someone have solutions ?

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You dropped the device somehow?
How about reinstalling the device with clear data, did that helped?


I also have this battery problem.
mine drop suddenly from around 40% to 14% .

I tried to calibrate the battery a few times. It didn’t help.

What flyme version do you have? I have Flyme


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