Map Hardware Buttons?

I love the mx3… There are two things that bothers me thought…
1. No custom roms
2. Mapping of hardware buttons/the home button

Does anyome know how to do this?

Main things I want
*Unlock phone with Volume Button
* Add a function to access “menu”/options within an app. Maybe by changing long press home to options/menu instead of locking the phone…that function is rather useless in ny opinion so I would not mind changing it

Anyhows I would be thankful if you could help me out on this one

Mx3 CH, 3.8.3a, rooted

Should be in one of the files in /system/usr/keylayout

I can see a bunch of keys but I cant find The Home Long Press… Basically a menu button would be needed instead of locking the screen when long pressning home key.
Customization wasnt the good side of mx3…feels like im stuck with only what flyme has to offer…

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