Can i download Flyme 5 on my Maizu MX3(M351)? And can Flyme 5 works on my phone?

Hi guys! U know me Meizu MX 3 is nice phone,but my OS is to old!!!
Can I change the OS and can Flyme 5 works on me phone???


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Yes you can use Flyme 5. But so far (and most likely it will remain like this) there won’t be a international release.
So go ahead and use the A firmware.

OK. Thank u for your answer! I have find Flyme and downloaded on my phone,and its awesome! But I have some problems with Google Play and other Google apps. I install Google Installer on my device and this app started download Google Apps on my phone,then I opened Google Play and I saw that itworks! But after I closed Google Play,all Google Apps was automatically deleted!!!

@Maxim-Nechiporuk Did you try the google installer who is available on the meizu app store ?

@Vympel Yes,but it dont works to!Now i’m trying to root my phone and solve the problem!

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