LTE Vodafone in Germany

Has anyone the same Problem like me? I use LTE with Vodafone Germany in Hamburg. The Problem is that the MX4 only logged in for a few seconds in the LTE Access and then immediately back to 3G. Everywhere in Hamburg where i tried it is 4G Vodafone available !

I found this on the battery. Is this maybe the reason why i cant use lte? TD-LTE Version, what is that?

TDE-LTE is LTE/4G standard which is used in China by China Mobile.
Meizu in Europe is compatible with FDD-LTE.
Maybe you can’t conect to 4G/LTE because I think MX4 uses 1800 and 2600 frequency.
I also think that 800 is still in testing phase, I red this info somewhere.

The other info about frequencies on the battery is writen in Chinese I think.

You need the M461 version for LTE to work in Europe. By the way, it’s not recommended to show your IMEI publicly.

You can try the 4.0.2A firmware. I think it is compatible with all versions of mx4.

I have the 4.0.2!A Firmware. Nirnally also the m460 works in Europe


I can just tell you that with T-Mobile LTE works.
I have the M461 with Firmware 4.0.2A.
Do you know for sure, that in the areas you are in, there is LTE available and the signal is strong enough? Did you put your phone to prioritize 4G in settings?

now it works sometimes, because vodafone use main 800mhz and only less 2600mhz. The mx4 dont have 800mhz. Only 2600mhz. But in some areas in hamburg now i can book in with 2600mhz.

im in europe, france and i have M460 C version and all 3G wcdma and FDD—LTE 4G work well only 800mhz 4G is missing
M461 support wcdma 3g and FDD—LTE like M460 ?

M460 and M461 both have the same hardware and both support the same 2G/3G/4G-FDD frequencies.
The only difference between M461-unicom and M461-international is that the M461-international has unlocked bootloader and you can flash any firmware and on M461-Unicom you can only flash firmwares C/U and A but No I-firmware.

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2600MHz LTE will be available in 2015 according to Vodafone and Telecom. Lets cross our fingers and wait for it :D

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