Flyme OS stable (MX4 Pro)


  • Set a simple password to restore factory settings, pop-up password interface into a complex password input interface.
  • Set the phone password, restore the factory settings and clear the data, enter the wrong password 5 times, the countdown is located in the normal interface.
  • When unlocked with a non-recorded fingerprint, it is successfully unlocked by touching several times.
  • “King of Glory” and other games will need to log back after switching the background.
  • “QQ” video chat can not be full-screen display.
  • The power-mode equalizer automatically becomes high-performance when used for a period of time.
  • IMEI loss may occur.

Lock screen

  • Lock screen interface with a notification display, even now will not see.

Network management

  • Calendar storage power consumption exception.

Theme landscaping

  • Theme beautification in the font, wallpaper and ringtones and other navigation module can not load properly.
  • The theme of landscaping download theme when prompted to download path error phenomenon.


  • Login to the Flyme account, click on “My Avatar” into the user center, click the “wallet” does not respond.


  • In the library in the new album, after the completion of only show the number of photos do not show the album name, enter the name of the error.
  • Add a new Flyme cloud album for you to save those precious memories.


  • In the browser to enter the “love Taobao”, select the product immediately after the purchase, click the product category does not respond.
  • Address bar Enter the URL, the carriage return does not jump to the link.
  • The gesture scaling is abnormal after using “Aa-Sphere”.
  • “Baidu” is set as the default search engine, enter the page after the left and right drag appears blank.
  • Meizu official website sub-window residual phenomenon.


  • When using the voice input method, the last voice is recalled.
  • Pinyin keyboard state, some text can not be output.
  • Some text in “大 文 文” shows an error.


  • When the 12-hour clock is used, the 12-hour clock is displayed as a 24-hour clock, resulting in an alarm clock error.
  • Time error, and the actual deviation.
  • Alarm clock, adjust the system time, the alarm clock is not automatically updated.


  • In the main page display refresh, the weather can not load display the latest data.


  • The card in the message displays an error.
  • From a specific version to upgrade to the latest version, even click information flash.


  • After you set the “Alarm” and “System Ringtones and Notifications” settings, the phone will revert to default after restarting several times.
  • When using headphones to play music, the current sound and noise is large.

Phone Guardian

  • When the traffic is automatically corrected, the code is sent to the wrong operator.
  • Click “Traffic Management” to send a flashback.
  • Go to “Privilege Management - Self-Start” to display no application management.


  • Clear the camera data, open the camera status bar icon is lost, can not locate the current location when taking pictures.
  • When the shutter is clicked in panorama mode, the camera automatically takes a picture when the viewfinder moves.

User Center

  • User Center may appear flashback phenomenon.

Domestic services

  • Life services may be flashback phenomenon.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

I did update to this new version, without wipe. so far, so good…

From A or from G??
Thank you

Meizu MX4 Pro

This flyme versions are such a crappy shit 😡😡


I got this error the third time already
(1st while on i think 5.1.10 then i wiped and upgraded to
And i had to wipe again which is pissing me really off 😡😡
And now again on 😡😡😡😡😡 i dont have the time to wipe and reinstall All Apps again every day 😡😡 )

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I noticed that Snapchat does not go on any recent update from flyme

is there any possibility that meizu will include DIRAC HD in flyme 5?


@Darwin-Martin almost sure they wont bother to do this. if they could or was interested in that - they would simply prolong License for DIRAC

Hello Team,

I don’t understand this update and I didn’t subscribe to it.
Are u telling us as a consumer that this update flyme is scam or faulty one 'cos it seems to understand. Am Using flyme, working well. I just noticed the hotness and battery drained… For d Apps and 3rd party Apps are working well…



i have same problem battery drain overnight about 20% went back to stable and now i am testing beta so far so good only downside stil build on android 5.1.1

How did you root your phone in beta?

not rooted i tryed it unther fingerprint and security and then root permission but the ok button does not work here ussualy you scroll down then ok button turns black and after accepting phone restarts and you are rooted

got it now rooted, after searching on youtube i disovered this

i asume you have a flyme acount and you are logged in

then go to language and region put in simplified chinenese and location on china

then go to security and you everything in chinese and the word ROOT click it and then scroll down now you can check accept and klick ok

it wil ask for your password of the flyme account this is all in chinese but you will figure it out its easy

after restart you are rooted, now just put back language and region back to your preference

good luck

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