Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)


  • Set a simple password to restore factory settings, pop-up password interface into a complex password input interface.
  • Set the phone password, restore the factory settings and clear the data, enter the wrong password 5 times, the countdown is located in the normal interface.
  • When unlocked with a non-recorded fingerprint, it is successfully unlocked by touching several times.
  • “King of Glory” and other games will need to log back after switching the background.
  • “QQ” video chat can not be full-screen display.
  • The power-mode equalizer automatically becomes high-performance when used for a period of time.
  • IMEI loss may occur.

Lock screen

  • Lock screen interface with a notification display, even now will not see.

Network management

  • Calendar storage power consumption exception.

Theme landscaping

  • Theme beautification in the font, wallpaper and ringtones and other navigation module can not load properly.
  • The theme of landscaping download theme when prompted to download path error phenomenon.


  • Login to the Flyme account, click on “My Avatar” into the user center, click the “wallet” does not respond.


  • In the library in the new album, after the completion of only show the number of photos do not show the album name, enter the name of the error.
  • Add a new Flyme cloud album for you to save those precious memories.


  • In the browser to enter the “love Taobao”, select the product immediately after the purchase, click the product category does not respond.
  • Address bar Enter the URL, the carriage return does not jump to the link.
  • The gesture scaling is abnormal after using “Aa-Sphere”.
  • “Baidu” is set as the default search engine, enter the page after the left and right drag appears blank.
  • Meizu official website sub-window residual phenomenon.


  • When using the voice input method, the last voice is recalled.
  • Pinyin keyboard state, some text can not be output.
  • Some text in “大 文 文” shows an error.


  • When the 12-hour clock is used, the 12-hour clock is displayed as a 24-hour clock, resulting in an alarm clock error.
  • Time error, and the actual deviation.
  • Alarm clock, adjust the system time, the alarm clock is not automatically updated.


  • In the main page display refresh, the weather can not load display the latest data.


  • The card in the message displays an error.
  • From a specific version to upgrade to the latest version, even click information flash.


  • After you set the “Alarm” and “System Ringtones and Notifications” settings, the phone will revert to default after restarting several times.
  • When using headphones to play music, the current sound and noise is large.

Phone Guardian

  • When the traffic is automatically corrected, the code is sent to the wrong operator.
  • Click “Traffic Management” to send a flashback.
  • Go to “Privilege Management - Self-Start” to display no application management.


  • Clear the camera data, open the camera status bar icon is lost, can not locate the current location when taking pictures.
  • When the shutter is clicked in panorama mode, the camera automatically takes a picture when the viewfinder moves.

User Center

  • User Center may appear flashback phenomenon.

Domestic services

  • Life services may be flashback phenomenon.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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hi i really don’t know where i can ask something like this but i’m so tired of searching on forums and on internet in general, so i decided to write my problem here hoping someone will reply: i have serious issues with this update because every time i try to install it from my phone or from my pc, an advertisement appears that says “firmware corrupt” and than i have to choose between

  1. put the in my root directory
  2. clear data
    I’m blocked here and i can’t find anything helpful… i just want to update a flyme…! :(
Meizu Pro 5

@Alyssa-Moore Look at your device is probably a “A” one

thank you very much, i will try and see if this works…! :D

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