broke the whole phone.

After that completely useless update I can’t use any of my Google services. Including emails… The Google Play Store is completely gone and so are most of my apps not working anymore. Including tinder. But I have a crap weather app now which I don’t want and a hot app store with only crap apps thanks for that. I’m really wondering are you guys test those updates before you bring them life or are you not even use your own phones… That’s is such an obvious fuck up. Even a blind person will see it. That’s it for me. No more Meizu in my life. Only been disappointed with that phone since I wasted 330NZ$ on it.

Same here. You need to fix this urgently, Meizu. In the meantime, how can I reverse the update?

Meizu Pro 5

Guys… This forum only is community.
Instead of posting such claims, have a look for workaround… Google installer is the key

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Thanks Kikounet.

I realise this isn’t an official Meizu site, but I figured someone from Meizu might read it from time to time. Quietly breaking customer’s phones with a routine upgrade is unacceptable.

I am looking for a workaround, or any other solution. The leading one at the moment is throwing the phone into the bin and getting one from another manufacturer.

Can you elaborate on “Google Installer is the key”.

@hadfield Having the same problem PB tech no help. Phone working but cant access play store.

Meizu Pro 5

@hadfield Simply install the app “Google installer” from the hot apps store and run it. It will deploy Google store and other basics for you…

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I installed the Hot Apps app via the Browser and opened it. I couldn’t find a “Google Installer” but I figured “GMS Installer” might do the job. (GMS = Google Mobile Services, apparently.) And it did. Everything seems to be working as it was before.

Hot Apps is a bit of a dog: no search function. But it got the job done.

So, thank you very much. I am not a Meizu fan, but I am now a Meizu Fans fan.

help me, i run GMS installer but it can not finish install Google Service
do i have to uninstall all the google apps before run GMS installer?

All working now. GMS installer did the trick, thanks everybody. Pity PB Tech didn’t know about it.

Same here, I will never Buy Meizu again.
there is a lots of bugs in the flyme os.

my meizu m3 note after updating to display had reverse but touch is in the right way how can i fix this please anyone tell me

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