MX4 (Flyme can't install or update Google Play Games/Services

Hey Guys,
I recently bricked my Meizu MX4, so i bought a new motherboard online.
Yesterday I took the bricked one out and installed the new one into the phone,
everything is working fine and the Firmware Version it came with is Flyme
The only problems I have now are:
•I cannot install the Google Play Games App from Play Store (installing it by APK doesn’t work too)
•I cannot update the Google Play Services in Play Store (APK’s aren’t working here too)
•I cannot downgrade or update the Firmware because it is giving me the Firmware Corrupted message for every Firmware
•The Versions I tested were:,,,,

Does anybody here have solutions to this? I am thankful for any help :)


Are you sure you bought the right mainboard? Especially check if it has the same version as the one you had previously.

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