Meizu M2 audio problem

Hello, first of all english is not my native language but I’ll do my best.

I received a Meizu M2 for my birthday 4 months ago, and I’ve got a weird bug on my audio. When I listen to music with headphones, everything is fine, but when I want to plug in my speakers, the music will cut randomly. When the cut takes place, the icon that tells me that the jack is plugged (the little headphones in the above bar) disappears for a split second and then reappears.
This bug only occurs when I use speakers, when I use headphones or bluetooth speakers it works fine
Thank you for reading and trying to understanding me.


Can you tell me which firmware version you are using?

Also check the headphone jack to be clean of any dust. Did you also tried a different speaker?

Try to not voluming to full when plug on speaker see if it cuts off

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