MX2 with Google play store problems

Hi All, Google Play Services is not working with mx2, this was the third version that i installed, but it can’t run Google Play Services… Can you tell me, which version of Flyme OS can work with that? Thanks for any info.


@adam30y usually it should work on all versions.
However, A firmwares do require the so called Google Installer (check AppCenter or our firmware archive for it).
I/G (Flyme 4 and higher) or HK firmwares (Flyme 3 or lower) come with the Play Store pre-installed.

thanks Rey,

The original setup was working from 2015 january to now, the problem came at friday, with the following text “the google play services has stopped”. This in itself is not a problem, but this text came in every 20 seconds and close that app what i’m in.

After it I was searching for some newer OS to prevent the problem, I downloaded 2 newer FW and install it. But the Google play services can’t work none of them.

I tried what you suggest Google Installer but I can’t set my email in the setup process.

(when I order this phone from Aliexpress the original FW has the same problem but the seller sent me a working google play services package and it was solved the problem … for now)

What you suggest? May I try it with the original FW and search for some older version google play services?


I tried what is in “READ THE WIKI FIRST”, I installed Google installer 1.4.4 apk.
It seems to work but gmail the noticed me “Gmail won’t run unless you update Google Play Services” – ok, I update it, but the gmail app has the same notice and is not working.

I don’t know how but gmail informs me “Account sync is off” It seems to solved the problem, and gmail is working now.

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