Keyboard Bug

Hi, running 3.8.5A, i use Swiftkey as default keyboard (well, i´m trying), but lately i just can´t and always the default Flyme Keyboard pop ups out of nothing.

I set swiftkey in the settings menu as default keyboard, it works initially, let´s say on whatsapp, but next time i try to use it on that app or another app Flyme keyboards shows up.

Go again to the settings menu, Swifkey appears as default, i enter swiftkey and another message asking me to set swiftkety as default shows up (meaning it lost its default condition i set moments ago)

I´m thinking about freezing the Flyme default keyboard with Titanium Backup, do u guys know which file or files i have to freeze?

I can’t help but i am also using swiftkey and it is very slow compared to the more simplistic google keyboard. I tried g3 keyboard, also very slow. I am waiting for flyme 4 keyboard…

I strongly recommend Xperia Keyboard. I have been using it since it was ported without any major issues.

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