meizu m3 note after update not able to.install google play

after updated to not able to install google service through hot app got error file corrupt,could you please me to.install google play and services.


The official Flyme OS dev team removed this firmware due to issues with the Play services.
Maybe downgrade or try the Google Installer.

Are you kidding me? So many apps rely on the Google play Store you can’t just delete the most important app in the whole Android system! That new update is completely useless without the play store.

how would one downgrade back to and older version?

You should put all your power together and get the play store working again. If that will last more then a week you WILL loose a lot of customers. Not all the Android user are into modding or know how to downgrade there system. Most of them just want a working phone. People just can’t be fucked waiting for you guys to fix it. They will buy a new non Meizu phone and will keep it in mind that Meizu ain’t working right so tell friends. Just because you couldn’t wait to fix the issue with the play store before releasing the new update.
I opened that forum account just to tell you that.

Meizu Pro 5

@Flugl no Meizu here… Only fans…
Plus Google installer can fix it

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I can’t even find google play on the “hot app” I don’t even have to option the search.

How can you people be fans of such a shitty company?

the name is GMS installer mate @FoxLightX

@Flugl said in meizu m3 note after update not able to.install google play:

the name is GMS installer mate @FoxLightX

it’s not working, I downloaded it and it’s says something In chinese.
Do you have a link?

still wondering why I have to install the GMS installer…it’s the google services so they obviously work in that build but Meizu delete it from the OS so I have to install a non Google google play store…well that sounds for me like spyware or even a virus. I would’t buy anything guys I don’t trust the logic…O.o

I downloaded it it on my phone mate. not sure how I can get you a link. I used that fake hot app store lol…

I just found the GMS installer in the hot apps, lets hope it works

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@Flugl listen to FoxLightX

Go to Hot Apps - download GMS Installer - that magically fixes everything!

Yeah the GMS Installer fixed all the major probelms.
thank you guys.

I know that it fixes it :D but why is that GMS installer even there…?! is that a Meizu thing? deleting the original Google play store and tell the people that there is an issue with it but then release an app that brings it back without any issues O.o…mhhh makes no sense and I don’t trust it…still buying a new phone…no more Meizu china crap for me guys

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