meizu mx4 pro fingerprint reader does not work

Hi everyone,
i have just recieved my Meizu mx4 pro 16GB from Fastcardtech and the version was instaled is version .and the model number is :M462U.

when i tried to set the fingerprint reader it does not work it tell me place your finger on home button and when i do nothing happend ,well it is supposed to take me on this screen (look image bellow ) when i palce my finger on the home button:

alt text

but it always stuck on this screen :

alt text

no matter what i do nothing work,but here what i did :

1 - tried all my 10 fingers and my wife’s and son’s fingres . (same problem)
2 - reboot . (same problem)
3 - clear data and factory reset. (same problem)
4 - i installed those version ( and and ) and repeated all the tries above but the problem remain.

the phone came new and it does looks new to me.and the main reason that i bought this phone is that because it was a flagship and have a fingerprint reader.i still didn’t contacted the resseler ( FastCardTech) .i wan’t to confirm first if this problem is sofware or hardware side.

please anyone can help me . :frowning:

just bought it new from do you think i can open a dispute with paypal ?

@Jiraya-Ziane If you bought it recently I highly suggest you to open a dispute with Paypal

first thank you for replying me .i bought it 130$ from and just recieved it yesterday , i will demande a partial refund and keeping the phone because i paied 30$ to duane as fee so if i returned it i have to pay shipping cost so i prefer to keep the phone and demande a partial refund like 30$ to 40$ .so do you think paypal can do this to me? and thank you for your time

First contact the reseller and explain your situation(not necessary to talk about the custom fee they don’t care) then try to conclude a fair deal with him.
If it fails then ask directly a partially refund from paypal and they should be able to solve your problem.
And btw the first time you set the fingerprint you should slide the finger many times on it not just put your finger and wait … don’t know if it’s how you have proceed or not.
Just to clarify :D


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yes i did slide my finger but no result.and thank you for your time i realy apretiate what you did.thank you so much.just one question what is the best version for battery backup on meizu mx4 pro ? and thank you again

@Jiraya-Ziane No problem at all you’re welcome.
About the best build for saving the battery I don’t know for the Mx4 pro ,I use the last build for my Pro 5 and it’s fine it last
a solid day with twitter , spotify , whatsapp and some other app during all day in 4G.
Should last the same on your mx4 pro

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ok.i will try it.thank you very much for your time , and keep in mind the pro 5 that you have is way bettery in every departement compared to my mx4 pro and it have a solid battery comparted to mx4 pro according to gsmarena and user reviews on kimovil the pro 5 still one of the best right know .i will wait until the end of next year and buy it . peace :grinning:

@Jiraya-Ziane I’am sure you will get the same result :) a solid day even 2 it’s all a matter of usage and some management.

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