[ ->] How can I obtain the newest Global version of Flyme 5 on my MX5 with Chinese Flyme 4.5?


What should I do, to get the newest version of Global Flyme 5 (which is, as I remember) on my Meizu MX5, which currently possess Chinese Flyme 4.5 (

I know, that I should change the localization settings for Global. What are the steps to do it?
What should be next? On the advance, I want to mention, that in the future I’d love to install new versions (updates) via OTA (this preinstalled, original application).

I am looking forward for some kind of answer, pals ;)

Best regards

Hello Rey

I followed the first method of this tutorial yesterday, but the phone could not start the update.zip (after tapping on the file and applying upgrade permission), the window just disappeared and that is all. I tried it a few times, but nothing changed.

Same with the chinese version (i did it just to check whether it works or not), but the same situation appeared. After confirming upgrade, nothing happened.

What should I do?

@bartolo1234 I would suggest to first intall the 5.1.11A build via your recovery and once you are running the last build try again the guide it should work

I tried to install, which shows as the newest version in stock upgrade app, but it also does not work :v
Of course I used this application to do it.

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@bartolo1234 It’s strange … You should be able to update it without any issue of this kind
Retry to download again from this site the put it on the root of the phone
Then shutdown the phone and press vol up + power button and flash once again the version

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