I bricked my MX4 - 2.0

Guys, this is my experience with Meizu MX4 (International version)

Tried to flash a custom recovery made by me using adb commands and after reboot phone it was stucked on Meizulogo. Bootlooped without any chance of boot OS .

Meizu Engineers have locked all !!!

On the all android products if you fail to flash a wrong recovery you can always boot on the normal system , on MX4 not. They have locked all OS to have their recovery !!!

This is a shame !!!

Now my phone is bootlooped and i can only have allow to boot in FASTBOOT MODE but here you can’t write any commands cause “SECURITY ERROR” .

Now waiting Meizu contact me in PM and tell me how to fix from fastboot mode.

I will know you how Meizu answer.

At the moment i can say you : ATTENTION !!!

Don’t buy any MEIZU Products. No MX4 , No MX4 Pro , no nothig is branded MEIZU . They sell rubbish not fixable by single user !!!

Waiting their solution.
Let you know



This post made my day.

Well @thor, someone who only makes deodexed roms shouldn’t mess with any recovery stuff which requires real development skill. Many users, including me, have warned you already before flashing the custom recovery.

I think Meizu will take right of their policy and refuse a repair. At least I would.

Now please, stop it once for all. I am tired to see that you can’t understand that the mistake was on your side and not on MEIZU’s.

If you want a device you can mess arround with buy a Nexus 4 or 5. THEY ARE devices for real development.

Oh and can you prove it doesn’t works on the MX3 as well?


Btw… Would you share with us exactly which guide you followed to create your custom recovery and flash with adb?

And mind you many phones have locked bootloaders but developers who know what they are doing find a way around them (Bump for LG G3 etc…)

And people please realize that if you DO NOT try to create a custom recovery or flash things without knowing what you are doing (if you are a regular user) you are unlikely to ever brick your phone…

I agree with AOKP.

You seem to be an experienced but Meizu warned us of the consequences of root and by the way, flashing the device.

But thank you for your back, it can still be used !

I think is not good and is not serious for a Company that if you for some reason change or try to change the recovery the phone will brick and OS will not start anymore !!!

This is a bad company, MEIZU : SHAME OF YOU !!!

You know this companies :


if you try to change something using adb commands for the recovery and you fail (cause locked bootloader) you can ALWAYS boot from OS and fix problem restoring original recovery and/or you can ALWAYS reflash Stock FW using official tool from your PC or MAC .

Here with MEIZU (bad company in the world) and with this shame of MX4 if you SIMPLY loose you recovery they have worked on a bootloader that check the recovery status and if changed THE OS DON’T START ANYMORE !!!

Shame of you !

You can boot from Fastboot mode but write allow are all closed , but i’m pretty sure they could send us or make public a Restore to Stock situation starting from Fastboot state or open this LAWLESS bootloader to write recovery from fastboot to recover phone by self without send the in HK to repair !!! With shipping and custom costs !!!

Guys, save your money and use them for other products and companies that don’t make Die your devices if you simply try to change a recovery .

Stay away from MEIZU !!!


They wrote me this: :D :D :D

_"Dear Sir/Madam,

We are sorry that it’s the only way to upgrade/reboot from the recovery mode by pressing power and Vol up. If it doesn’t work, please take your phone to nearest MEIZU store or send your phone to Hong Kong for check and repair…"

so, their dictatorship is Lawless in all the world

I could fix my phone in 30 seconds if they release something to flash from Fastboot state (a stock signed recovery too) or a PC Tool to reflash all stock firmware and instead according to their words I should even send the phone in Hong Kong :lol :lol :lol :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Simply NOT SERIOUS Company

Shame of you



The only one who is not serious is you.

You know what, if Meizu is so bad you can sell me your MX4 for 50€.

@‘AOKP’ said:


The only one who is not serious is you.

You know what, if Meizu is so bad you can sell me your MX4 for 50€.

:D <<< (about your request)

Meizu is a Crap company and makes Crap devices .

They compile lawless/illegal Bootloader , and not because this is locked but because they prevent to boot OS.

You see in the world all other Brands don’t make NotBootable their device if you change/erase/ recovery.


Lol, this guy is fun :)
It’s like when you flash another Bios on your PC, if it is bad, will you be able to boot anymore ? No, and this is legal and not a Dictatorship ;)
Don’t blame others for your errors

@‘furious.builder’ said:

Lol, this guy is fun :)
It’s like when you flash another Bios on your PC, if it is bad, will you be able to boot anymore ? No, and this is legal and not a Dictatorship ;)
Don’t blame others for your errors


You inside this forum, i know (…) some of you (…) are from Meizu HK and your words are lies.

You know that if you flash another recovery in avery other Android phone on the market (LG Phones too that implement a strange locked bootloader) this don’t make OS no more bootable.

Meizu is a crap company and their SW is only RUBBISH

my dear



1. There is nothing illegal about the bootloader. You messed up cos you didn’t know what you were doing. It is very likely that you have written something over partitions other than the recovery (No way to know. You won’t tell us what steps you followed)
2. They have asked you to send them the phone so they can fix it for you (any company out there will ask you to do the same. No comany is going to give you their internal tools just cos you did something you shouldn’t )
3. You have to send it to HK and pay for the shipping cos YOU agreed to do so when you bought their phone. (Re) read their Terms of services: http://meizumart.com/about/shipping
4. So send them the phone and get it fixed. OR get help from experienced people like at XDA (I’m pretty sure they don’t have hidden secret Meizu employees there)


I think it is time to take action against trolls.

I will lock your thread and ban you and your IP. Oh and between I am from MEIZU HK, not. (Haha I made a joke)

MEIZU has no relation to the answers I give and others do. I will attach my IP at the end of this post for everyone as well, so they can see I am not a Meizu employe.

Second prove:

(Sorry for my poor hand writing)

Before someone says I am always pro Meizu:

I don’t like what Meizu did with the MX4.
The software is currently very poor and there are some unacceptable problems in the build quality (see the color getting of the frame after a 12 inch fall).
Maybe they are problems due to the high request (faster production - you know what I mean).
However, they are not acceptable and Meizu should fix them until Christmas (thats a lot of time), if not Meizu would have done everything wrong they could.

I am sceptical, but also optimistic that Meizu will make it and deliver a good device in the end.

How can you flash something, if the bootloader is locked (and no there is no semi lock). If it would have been locked it would say “Permissions denied” and so you wouldn’t even be able to do anything with the deivce.

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