Push notification problem in firmware.

Push notifications in flymeOS has always been bugged.

However, while in older firmware you can tweak certain settings to get them to work, it doesn’t work in

The security app doesn’t have the linked launch option anymore.

Freezing/Removing the security app dixes the problem, but then you have long running processes that remains unmanaged.

Anyone have a solution to get push notification working on the newest firmware? Or can someone recommend an older firmware with working push notifcation?

i have the same problem and i found an app called PNF Root, and after installed it, i am working with it in a normal situation. remember that you need to be root, first in the smartphone, then installing busybox and then supersu. when all of that is ok, you can check if root is ok, by using a app called root checker. if it is ok, install PNF root and configure it. i have chosen values: 7 and 6. after that, smartphone reboots and then it works with normality.
also remember to put the padlock on the apps you want to keep running. to put it you have to go to multi-task and there chose the apps and lock them by pressing for more than a second, until padlock appears.
sorry for my English, it is confusing sometimes, i am spanish.

tell us if it works for you.

i will try this, thank you :)

thank you very much juandvila

for fisrt time i get all notifications in my pro 5 with ( only rom i used)!!!

before this i didnt receive notifications when phone was screen off, now all working till the moment

just supersu, busybox, pnf for root

also in security make that changes well know

i didnt have to block app in multi task

whatsapp, ebay, etc fully working

now i can use flyme again, i was with custom rom from faust but now i will use flyme

A plesure to see that all is ok.

thank you!

i will post you tutorial in htcmania and xda with your name ok :)

There is no problem. You can use it.

@juandvila said in Push notification problem in firmware.:

There is no problem. You can use it.

thank you again :)

btw juandvila in flyme have you manage to install any sound mod?

divine beats, atmos, viper, etc ?

no, i have never tried anything about that. i am not very audiophile.


can you try the new G

for first time notifications are working without any trick

i dont understand how some people dont have problems, this is a strage phone, but well with this new G rom notifications are working till now

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Thankyou my friend. Now I am involved into the beta testing program so I am using a different ROM at this moments but I hope my new one come without that bugs. I am pretty sure it will be ok.

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